I have over at least two dozen cookies on my counter at home right now... and at least a dozen and a half more still unbaked in the fridge. Please feel free to come over to eat some, since I definitely don't need to eat as many as I certainly will end up eating over the next week. The coconut thumbprint cookies are mine, but help yourself to gingerbread men, snickers cookies, or chocolate cookies with a peppermint drizzle. They are all amazing!!

Ro and I had a great time baking many dozen cookies (she kept as many as I took, plus we packed at least the same amount for Pat's parents), our second year doing so. The girls had fun decorating a few gingerbread men:

Gwen doesn't normally get a lot of treats... so that gingerbread man, and the m&ms that didn't make it onto the gingerbread man, they made for one silly child! The whole way home she was going, "Hi Mommy, Hi Daddy (we'd say Hi Gwenie)" followed by hysterical giggling. At one point we were heading down a block that was particularly decorated and asked her if she was looking out the window at the lights... she pauses, looks out the window, and from the back seat we hear, "Whoooooaaaaa."

::snort::   (Our kid was pretty much high off of sugar.)

Of course, I can't really blame her for the reaction considering what we saw:

 (these houses were side-by-side... it was overwhelming!)

It was a good weekend.

Less then a week until Christmas... I can't wait!

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