well we didn't get a white Christmas...

... but we certainly got a wonderful one!

Two days of extended family Christmas time, flanked by two days of just our little family and relaxation time! Perfect.

I made Trav some special snowflakes:
Boba Fett


My fav... Yoda!
I also whipped up a few dozen cookies, thanks to the dough from Ro. Mostly ginger cookies:

But also some Peanut Butter Blossoms:

Saturday was Christmas Eve at Willy's. Its always fun to see Trav's cousins, and 2nd cousins. 

(And this year, the first 3rd cousin!)

We got home a bit late, got Gwen straight off to bed, then it was time to assemble some of her bigger gifts.
Some pictures from Christmas morning at our place:

Trav got me the immersion blending I've been longing for, so hopefully I'll be making some soup soon! He also got me the first 3 Twilight movies on DVD... I'm embarrassed, but I love it!! Another great gift, a new set of flannel sheets from Trav's brother, his wife, and son. They are lovely!

From my parent's place, the rest of Christmas day:

Dear G*d do I love this girl!!

From my parent's I got some iPhone workable gloves and a really nice Dutch oven. Yay! Lots of cooking to come!

It was an amazing weekend. I'm feeling full of love, thankfulness, and rejuvenated.
Honestly, it is one of the best Christmases in memory. Gwen was so great and "got it" so much more this year then last. It was pretty stress-free, and just lovely.

Sunday I spent some time going through Gwen's toys, sorting out the ones that she really doesn't play with anymore, the ones that are too young for her and packing them away. Its a little sad to see some of these really great toys going away, but she's gotten good use out of them and its fun to see her grow into new toys.

I didn't do it yet, but I think its also time for me to do a another sorting of my t-shirt drawer. I'm annoyed with the overstuffed state of it, but had previously be emotionally unable to part with many of them! I think I'm ready now, and my overburdened dresser will thank me, I'm sure! I think the new organic cotton tee I got from my mother-in-law for Christmas will help ease the sting too.  ;-)

Now its back to work, though Gwen couldn't resist a quick color this morning before it was time to leave:

Only two more days to get through... then another long weekend! I could get used to this.

How was your Christmas/holiday weekend? 

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