I received an early Christmas present from a friend of a new office chair... I still have to think about it a little, but it makes me sit up in a more "correct" position. I'm hoping it helps with my end of day fatigue and back aches.

I'm so glad its Friday. I'm in need of a weekend, really more then that, but at least following this weekend is a four-day work week, a four-day weekend, a three-day work week, and another four-day weekend. A girl could get used to that.

Daddy, in box!

The giggles this produced were epic.

I have to be off... but how about a little linky/video sharing?

I love every one of THESE PICTURES:

This Pink song makes me cry every time. I hope Gwen always knows how perfect she is to me.

I heart OK Go.

THIS VIDEO is cute.

Okay all, have a great weekend!

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