Daisy {semi-wordless Wednesday} :: ETA: PIPA and SOBA

Just a few pics of my sweetie pie Daisy, since the poor beast gets almost no picture love on here anymore...

We went to the tennis courts by our house on Monday to run around and work off some energy.

It was a lot of fun... though hard to get her so slow down for long enough to get any pictures in!!

Originally I was going to post just the above, but I felt the need to edit to include some information about PIPA and SOBA, bills currently being considered by the Senate and the House (respectively). You may have noticed Google's blacked out name, or that Wikipedia is completely blacked out. Here's why. Should PIPA or SOBA pass, any website seen as a threat to copywrite laws could be immediately shut down, as could any website which links to said site. This doesn't seem so bad until you think about it this way: any individual user on facebook could post a picture they don't own, and facebook could be shut down; I could post a link to a recipe on another blog, and if they post a video of themselves singing a song they don't own the rights to, they could be shut down, as could I.

Copywrite enforcement is serious. As a writer and photographer, I take it seriously. But these laws are NOT the answer. They are worse then the thing they are trying to protect against. They impact us all. Check out this video, then please, contact your local reps to tell them to oppose PIPA and SOBA.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

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