on the up and up

I was a little worried how this morning was going to go. A whole week home with Mommy or Daddy, and now she was going to have to get back into the swing of things again. But thankfully, it went perfectly! Everything went according to schedule, and after us talking it up yesterday and this morning, Gwen was super excited to head to daycare to visit with her friends. She was all smiles, waves, and blown kisses as Trav and her pulled away.  ::phew!::

This weekend was pretty lazy, which was just what we needed. A little more time to relax and get better. I had a hair appointment Saturday, during which Trav and Gwen hung out and went grocery shopping. That night I finished off my necklace board with the hooks:

I'm pleased with how it turned out and love how much easier it is to grab the necklace I want.

Sunday was all about relaxing and hanging out. Trav and Gwen baked a cake for Willy's birthday:

I think she enjoyed herself!

Trav's going to drop the cake off today over lunch.

Gwen is back to herself, which is wonderful. I'm at 99%... just need my throat to finish healing. I'm always fine in the morning, but by the end of the day, its very, very sore.

All-in-all though... we're on the up and up here!


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~ Meegs