sleeping with my eyes open

It has been quite the (long) weekend, and this Monday finds me almost asleep at my desk. I'm going to power through, but pardon if this is a little less then well written. I'm going the cheater's route and doing a brief day-by-day synopsis.

Thursday late late late at night: Gwen woke up crying hard and burning up. 

Friday: Stayed home with the girl who was clearly sick... slept about 2.5 hours later then normal, took a 3 hour nap, in bed 30 minutes early. Highest temp 103.7*. Went to the doctor, double ear infection. Got antibiotic.

Saturday: Trav got up with Gwen like normal, but called me into the bathroom to check out her face... she had developed this weird rash around her mouth. Called the doc who told us to keep going with the antibiotic (no other signs that it was an allergic reaction), but to use hydrocortizone cream on the rash twice a day. Just stayed in and tried to relax.

Even when sick.. girl's got style!

Sunday: Gwen woke a ton throughout the night, thought it was the ears bothering her, but rash was much worse in the morning. Called and got an emergency visit to the doc. Doc didn't like the look of it, so changed out her antibiotic and prescribed an antibacterial cream for the rash. We head home and try to relax. Gwen is clearly uncomfortable.

Try to put her to bed (when she asked to go to sleep, almost an hour early!), instead spent an hour trying to console a wailing child. I kept asking her what hurt and she finally told me her feet. Turned the light back on and pulled off her PJs to find her feet covered in a blister-like rash, some on her hands as well. Call the on-call doc line, and get told to head to the ER.

So, off to C.H.O.P. we go. Thankfully it was almost empty, so we got seen quickly. The resident checked her over, then went to refer with his fellow, who came in to check Gwen, and then sent in the attending just to get a second (third?) opinion.

Apparently its Hand, Foot, and Mouth... a new/weird presentation of it that they had been informed of, but never seen. So the attending actually asked our permission to take pictures for a case study. Thankfully she should be better in 3 - 5 days... unfortunately there's nothing we can give her to speed up the process, just Motrin to help with the discomfort. And no daycare until she's completely cleared up. (On a nicer note, the ears seem to be cleared up. We were told to discontinue the antibiotic.)

We didn't get back home and into bed until 1, and Gwen was up almost hourly. I only got about 4.5 hours total and I'm exhausted today! Hopefully she'll sleep much better tonight.

She was a real trooper though, and I'm really proud of how she handled all the different faces coming to poke and prod her. Trav is off with her today, Wednesday and Friday; and I'm doing tomorrow and Thursday. Hopefully she'll be cleared up by then, with the weekend as a buffer, and will be cleared to return to daycare Monday.

Apparently she ate a good breakfast though and she's doing pretty well at home with Daddy. Fingers crossed that she sleeps well tonight, and is feeling better and better everyday.

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