Sorry for the lack of posting... its going to continue, I'm afraid. The update...
Mama's got Strep.

Yup. Ugh.

Yesterday was the worst. I was just so tired and weak and felt awful. The night before had been another horrid night of little sleep, between a wakeful babe and fevers of my own. I hit the doc yesterday, got a prescription for an antibiotic, took some advil, forced myself to drink a breakfast shake (since I had no appetite at all), and napped with Gwen. After that I felt way better (though, still pretty crappy!). Trav brought me some wonton soup for dinner, and last night Gwen slept straight through! Meaning 6 hours straight, plus another 2 after Gwen came to bed with us.

I feel like a new woman today, though my throat is still so so sore. Hopefully tomorrow morning the antibiotics will have had enough time to get my throat feeling better. In the meantime, eating small bites and drinking lots of warm tea.

Gwen's blisters seem to be shrinking now. They are definitely smaller then they were two days ago. They seem to be bothering her less also. Definitely good. She's definitely still not 100%, but she's more herself each day. Her impetigo is so much better too. We stop the medicated cream tomorrow.

Can't wait to have a healthy household again!! Hopefully Sunday we can do a major sanitizing, and put this all behind us.

Send us healthy thoughts! 

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