hi, i'm going to be dramatic

Dear God,
Thank you so so much for continuing to have my baby get a little better each day. But as for all this other stuff of the last two weeks (credit card crap, fights with coworkers, ear infections, late night ER visit, HFM, strep, and a broken molar!), to play off of Mother Teresa's famous quote: Please, don't trust me so much!!


Dear Universe,
I apologize for whatever bad karma I put out there... it was completely unintentional, I assure you! And I promise to put some good karma out there just as soon as I can leave this house! Just please, no more. I don't know how much more I can take.

Good ju-ju,

Thankfully Gwen is feeling better and better each day. Her mouth only seems to bother her occasionally when she's eating, and there are only a few blisters left on her hands and feet. Her impetigo is almost completely cleared. Its so hard though being home all week and completely housebound though. We've read every book, done every puzzle, played with every toy, and colored with every pen or marker in the house. We had a dance party earlier, but it wipes me out. If it were a normal week, no problem... we'd go for walks, go to the playground, etc. Off limits at the moment. Well, we could go for a walk, except that is cold and wet out... so, no good for a sicky and a just now getting to be not sicky! Lol. I'm going to have to put on my thinking cap and come up with some new stuff to do, because we are both getting restless, and she's getting toddlery about it.

On a nicer note, her and Daisy are closer then ever.

Snack: apple and some oven roasted potato "chips" seasoned with rosemary and a touch of kosher salt.

Hopefully by tomorrow morning my throat will feel better because Trav is set to stay home, so I can head into work (48 hours on antibiotics... I'm cleared to go in). I have so much to do. (And crossing my fingers my dentist can fit me in.)

If you have some extra prayers, vibes, ju-ju, karma sitting around... send it our way?


  1. Yowza. Hope everything gets MUCH better in the immediate future!!

  2. I know the feeling of restlessness. I have been locked up in a hospital with my 8-month-old for the past 2 weeks... I hope you and the little one feel better soon.

    1. Just read your story, Helene. I'm thinking about you and your sweet boy.


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