ten things on tuesday

1. Working from home today and finding it really hard to concentrate. The first few weeks of January were so hectic and I felt like I was behind all the time, but I got three big projects off my plate, so now I'm getting all caught up, so I feel like I have some breathing room!!

2. Just made my next tattoo appointment for March... weee! As an aside, apparently my tattoo girl now doesn't work weekends. Uh, really?

3. Gwen's first dentist appointment was this morning. It went fine, and I like parts of the practice, but wasn't a fan of the hygienist. Even though I told her it was Gwen's first visit, she just kind of dove right in there with no preamble. Gwen was pissed! The dentist was better, talking to Gwen more and asking if he could see her teeth. Consequently she did a lot better for him... though she still wasn't a huge fan.

4. She cried when I dropped her at daycare though. I think she thought we were going to have the whole day together.  Sad 

5. I didn't have a big meal planned for today, but was just going to make this peanut butter and oat snack thing that I thought we could send in to daycare for Gwen, or she could have for breakfast some mornings. Except it calls for honey, and I've been drinking so much tea with honey lately to calm my throat, that I don't have enough left for the recipe. Doh!

6. Thankfully my throat is feeling almost back to normal today! Yay! But my ear is still hurting... boo.

7. Gwen's party is 2.5 weeks away, and so many people are coming!  Hmm, maybe I should start figuring out all those pesky details... like what food to have, where to get the cake, etc.

8. I picked up a roast beef sandwich from Arby's on my way home... most of the time we don't do fast food, but man was that good.

9. Its 61* right now... why am I so cold? 

10. Trying to figure out something good for Trav for Valentine's Day. I don't want to get him "stuff" but I don't know what to make for him, or what service to offer him (minds out of the gutter people) instead. Hmmm. Ideas? 

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