It was so beautiful out yesterday. 62* and sunny. Beautiful. But its February, so uh, WTF?! Lol.

That picture is actually from this past weekend, but I just love the sky in it.

Speaking of February. My baby turns 2 in 2 weeks... whoa. 

In other news: We all have colds, but they are small ones and seem to be leaving already. After last weeks 10,000 plagues, a cold is no big deal.

More of a big deal is that Trav has broken out in hives the past two days. In the morning, he's a little itchy and red, but by the time he gets home at the end of the day its progressed to big welt-like hives. Two days ago it was just around his waist band area, so we thought it was just dry skin being irritated by the tops of his pants. Last night though it was on his stomach and his thighs as well. By the time dinner was done he had some on his arms and face. We got some Benadryl into him, and this morning its back down again, but he's calling his doc today because if the pattern follows, it will be back by the end of the day. Poor boy.

Otherwise, life is normal. I just got word of something fun I'm going to get to offer you guys, a little giveaway just in time to say a Valentine's "I Love You" to all you wonderful people who read along here. Details soonest!

Back to work for now. 

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