2 years old

Dear Gwenivere,
Today you are two years old, my love. Happy Birthday to my baby who isn't a baby anymore! I can't believe it's been two years. Two whole energetic, rambunctious, playful, ever growing, ever changing, sponge-like years. I'm so lucky to have such an energetic, passionate person in my life. Part of me can't believe another whole year has gone by, but then I look at how grown up you are compared to 12 months ago, and I can't believe you've changed so much in only a year!

1st birthday

There is so much that you can do now. You're counting to 10 (though you don't seem to like the number 5, and skip it a lot). You also say your ABCs, a skill that you practice in the car with your Daddy everyday. You eat with utensils most of the time, and have turned into a little "fruit bat." You know what you want all the time, and that includes picking out your own clothes everyday.

You try out new words all the time, repeating things that we say, and rolling those new words around your mouth to get a feel for them. My favorite phrase you say? "I did it!" which you exclaim with relish whenever you accomplish something you got in your head to do. Lately we hear that a lot when you go pee on the potty... which we've picked up again after a Gwen-imposed break. I love that you have pride in yourself for accomplishing new things. One of the cutest things you say? "Bless you." mostly when people cough, instead of when they sneeze, but cute and sweet nonetheless. My least favorite thing you say? "I no like it." which comes anytime there is something you don't currently want to do, eat, wear, etc etc etc!

Girl, you are nothing if not sure of yourself.

Unfortunately lately you've been very sure that you didn't want your didn't want to changed into your clothes in the morning, didn't want to change into your PJs at night, didn't want to change your diaper, did want to get into you seat for dinner, didn't want... well, you get the idea! LOL. This can be so frustrating, but I know its just you figuring out what it means to be in control of your world.

Until recently you were going to sleep on your own, we'd do your routine, then I'd just lay you down and leave the room, and that was that. Lately though you've seemed to develop a bit of separation anxiety and you get upset when your Daddy leaves the room so we can nurse. We're just taking it slow and right now I hang out for about the 10 - 15 minutes it takes you to settle down and go to sleep. Thankfully you are still sleeping well at night. Mostly you sleep in your crib until 5, then come to bed with us and sleep until 7ish. Occasionally there's a night in there where you need a rump pat or two to get back to sleep once in there, occasionally there's a day you'll sleep in your crib until after 6. Thankfully good night sleep is a regular thing though now.

Thankfully especially since lately naps for us are so hit or miss! You do know how to give me a hard time, that's for sure!

We're still nursing. Twice a day during the week, three times on weekends. What a milestone! This was never even on my radar during those early days, with their struggles to just make it work at all. Such a comfort it can be to us both, laying close, relaxing, breathing slowly. You are always on the move, always talking, except when you're nursing and we can just be together. I don't know how much longer it will last, but I'm going to enjoy every moment that's left.

Gwenivere, I just love you so much, and even in your most frustrating moments, I am so glad you are here and that I'm lucky enough to call myself your Mommy.

Love you always,

Ps. At two years you are still in size 18 m clothes, size 5.5 shoes, and size 3 diapers! We'll find out height and weight at next weeks doc appt.


  1. (You're not allowed to make me cry Meegs!)

    I love you Gwenie and I'll see you on Saturday!!!


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