i have a cold

Woke up yesterday with a full-fledged, fully blossomed, nose running down my face, not just the sniffles COLD. Thankfully I was working from home, so I got to stay in my PJs and drink lots of tea.

I did take a shower though, for my husband's sake, since it was Valentine's Day and all. I'm such a romantic. Then I went to bed at 9:15. Don't be too sad for him though... I managed to send him chocolate covered strawberries, so the boy was not completely lacking in the Hallmark holiday love department. (They were amazing, no lie.) I also made him dinner. Dinner which I cannot share pictures of because my head was too foggy to remember such things, but I made us steaks with this sauce and this parmesan asparagus (my first time ever making asparagus!). I don't know that trying two new recipes at the same time was a smart idea, but it turned out well and he enjoyed it all.

I enjoyed my beautiful roses:

And my new bag:

Boy is so sweet.

Gwen loved the CUPCAKE she got at school, and the Valentines from her classmates.

Today I actually had to get up, dressed, and to work like normal. Drank a shake for breakfast instead of eating, so I could fit in a quick makeup job. Just enough to disguise the Rudolph nose.

Work has been busy lately, but the good kind that makes the days fly by. Speaking of which... back to it I go!

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