Things on my mind for which there are posts in the works:
- A sleep regression. Ugh.
- Starting to gently, gently encourage the weaning process... and uncoupling myself from the pump.
- Valentine's Day giveaway to show some love.

Things not worthy of a blog post, but that I randomly feel like noting:
- Within the past month I've tried both brussels sprouts and asparagus, and like them both. When did I become an adult with grown up tastes?!

For now, I did a little blog sprucing up... but have to get back to work! 

(Also, talk to me about toddler beds... when did you make the crib to TB transition? How did you know your babe was ready?)


  1. Saturday morning RB woke up and said (out of the blue), "Mommy, I big now. I need big girl bed."

    I responded, "I was hoping we'd use the crib until you were closer to 3. Could we do that?"

    and she ended the conversation with, "No mommy. I be too big. I'm a big girl and use the potty. I need big bed."

    And that is how I knew my babe was ready :)

    1. LOL. Well I guess that is a pretty good sign! RB cracks me up.

      I'm also hoping for the closer to 3 thing! Please ask RB not to give Gwen any ideas. ;-)

  2. i kept jonathan in the crib as long at a could! i waited until he was trying to climb out, he was like 2 months shy of being 3. don't move her yet! she's not ready! you can officially kiss nap time good bye if you do it now.

    1. Yeah, I'm in no rush... she is showing no signs of trying to escape, but I was just wondering when other people made the move. I've heard others say that it actually improved naptime for them, but I do NOT thing that would be the case for Gwen!


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