great weekend! {picture heavy}

Just because these are too cute not to share, two pics from GG's party last weekend:

Gwen and GG riding in the car ride.

Gwen and Daddy playing basketball.

This weekend turned out great. Friday I left work a little early to come home, grab the dog, drop her at the sitter's, and then head to Willy's for dinner with the in-laws. I just adore watching Gwen and Wyatt play (and eat...) together.

Too cute.

This just makes me look forward to Cape Cod this summer so much more.

Saturday was Gwen's party... I don't have many pictures of that to share yet. A friend took a bunch, so I'm waiting for him to get them to me. However I can share a few and tell you that the day was WONDERFUL!

We set up the ball pit for the occasion... a huge hit! 

Back of her birthday shirt.

Front... says "Team [our last name]"

Loved the cake! The ducks jersey had our last name on in too.
All of her birthday presents were a huge hit. Seriously, people got her the best stuff. A wooden play kitchen (where she now loves to cook dinner while I cook dinner!), puzzles and books, a doll stroller, so many other things and this:

My parents set it up when they arrived about an hour before the party and it was another big activity for all the kids! I'm so glad the weather was nice enough to play on it.

Sunday was all about relaxing and cleaning up. With about 10 kids in attendance, there was plenty of straightening to do. But Trav also had some "cleaning up" he wanted to do:

I so wanted him to keep it this way!!

Monday Gwen and I had off together. A friend stopped by to drop off a present for Gwen (since they couldn't make the party), and so I could give her some nursing clothes I borrowed from her almost 2 years ago! Besides that we did a lot of playing... outside on the slide, in the ball pit:

with the stroller: 

she also arranged some of her dolls/stuffed animals at the table (without any prompting from me!): 

After Trav got home and we ate dinner, he broke out the box to the slide.

There is nothing like a good box to create fun for the whole family: 

It was a great weekend.

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