happy to you!

If I promise there is extra cute, will you forgive me for forgetting to turn the video? Gwen was so excited for GG's birthday party on Saturday. So excited:

Like, kept putting on her coat and attempting to leave all morning even though we reminded her approximately 300x that GG's party wasn't until after lunch. Like, no nap to speak of because she was just too psyched kind of excited.

She had the best time though. 

GG did too!

The rest of the weekend was all about recovering and getting ready for epic levels of excitement for Gwen's party next weekend. (I'll admit, I'm pretty excited myself!) Food plans were firmed up, final decor items were decided on, house was scrubbed.

Work was so so busy today... but on the bright side, if it keeps up like this, the week will be over before I know it! Also, tomorrow I get to do it all from home in my PJs!

More soon, but for now I have to go snuggle my husband.

Ps. Don't forget, tomorrow is the last day to enter my I Love You Guys Valentine's Day giveaway!

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  1. That party looks like a blast! We used to have a bouncy place near us that DS loved. I loved it, too, because we could bounce with the kids if they were under 4. ;)


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