A sleep regression. Ugh.

I started to write this post ages ago, but things have been so in flux, that I never got around to posting it.

It started off with Gwen fighting her naps. Mostly just at home on the weekends, but occasionally at daycare as well. She certainly still needs them though.

Then, she became much harder to put down at night. Fighting sleep then as well.

Right at the beginning we also woke at 2 one night and took about an hour to settle again, and have a few more nights of brief wakings.

Thankfully all of the above has gotten better, but the fighting going to sleep is still there. Also thankfully I'm pretty sure I know the reason, or reasons, as the case may be. The first is the four molars she's currently cutting (and possible also her top eye teeth!). Thankfully one is half through, one is breaking through now... but two still have a ways to go. The second is some separation anxiety that kicked in right before her second birthday. She wants daddy and mommy around all the time.

The newest bump on the ride? If she wakes early enough for her morning nursing, then she'll fall back asleep with us... but lately, as she's been waking closer to 6, she won't. And 5:anything is way too early to be up for the day. Thankfully today she and I slept until almost 7!

This girl, she does like to keep me on my toes.

As always, I'm just having patience, and she's been working it out. Hurry up molars!


  1. Hang in there Meg, I've had 19 months of sleepless nights so I feel your pain! Hopefully both of us get some peace soon!!

    1. Thanks hun. I really shouldn't complain as before this she'd been sleeping well for a few months, and its already gotten a lot better again. Hopefully you'll get some good sleep soon too!!


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