me, currently; and the self photo challenge


Obsessing over…
My tattoo designs! The tattoos themselves are set, but there is some script adjusting going on. Yay!

Working on…
Work. Lol. A bios document, an upcoming events document... boring, but today is a nice, slow Friday.

Thinking about…
This girl:

Lots. Dinner with my Mama tonight, the staff meeting on Monday (they've only become routine this year, and they have been really great and productive so far), Gwen's birthday.

Listening to…
The Blues Brothers - Funky Nassau... it popped in my head so I had to pull it up!

Nothing at the moment, but sipping some water with lime. Mmm.

For some sickness-free weeks ahead! And for warm weather the weekend of Gwen's party!

Have a great weekend!!

Linking up with The Paper Mama for her Self Photo Challenge! 

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