Its such a Monday. It is so weird not having Miyano here and knowing that she's not going to be here again, maybe ever. It's a distracting feeling, and couple that with normal Monday dragginess... well I'm having a lot of trouble getting work done.

The weekend was great though. First, my favorite pic that Pat took last weekend:

So sweet.

As for this weekend, Trav was away all day on Saturday for an alumni thing at Lehigh, so Gwen and I had a girl's day. We did some grocery shopping in the morning, ate a nice lunch, then thanks to an early wake-up, Gwen took a really good nap. Afterwards we headed to the mall to redeem a gift card to the Build-A-Bear that she received for her birthday. She loved the penguin, so he came home with us. On our way out we stopped for snack at Auntie Ann's pretzels. I am a sucker for their pretzels. Gwen is apparently a fan of their frozen lemonade, since she asked for a sip and I never got it back!

A quick trip to the Tar.get was made extra lovely by running into a college friend of mine! Small world. Hopefully there will be some playdates in our future, since Gwen seemed quite amused by her 2.5year old son.

Since daddy wouldn't be joining us for dinner and it was getting a little later then I though (plus, I really wanted pancakes!), we stopped at the IHOP for dinner.

The 99c I spent on the bubble pop app for my phone might be the best money I ever spent. It was such a fun day.

Sunday was a little more exhausting. We spent a lot of the day hanging out with Miyano, since she had an open house. It was a great way to get in our goodbyes. Gwen was enthralled with her best friend Joe, and even stood on the stairs with him while he cleaned the wall.

We lost track of time and left later then intended, but it was so good to spend the time with Miyano before she left. And Gwen did this in the car:

Now its back to work... sort of like always.

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