another lovely weekend in the books

This weekend was busy, but relaxed. My brother arrived on Friday evening. Gwen was shy at first, but so excited to see him.

Saturday, Gram's memorial got us up and on the road early, and busy all day, but was a relaxed time. It was lovely seeing this area again:

My grandparent's house, that they built. I spent so much time here.

We got home and played for a bit, before eating a leisurely dinner and playing a bit more. This might have happened:

Sunday we slept a bit later, but still made sure to get up and going at a decent time. We all headed to the Pop Shop for a very good, very filling breakfast. Gwen ate a small pancake and a plate piled high with orange slices!

We dropped my brother in the city on the ride home, and except for 30 or so minutes playing at the water table before lunch, spent much of the rest of the day hibernating inside, since it was so dang hot outside. We read books, played with puzzles, and watched Harry Potter.

Another lovely weekend in the books.

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