philly get together weekend

Gwen and I (and Trav!) had the best time this weekend. It started off with another swim lesson:

Then began a big Philadelphia get together weekend! Ms. E and her wife A came down with their 3 kids, plus a friend and her wife and daughter from NY, plus 3 friends with their 4 total kids from DC! So including us there were 9 adults and 9 kids! We also had 2 other friends join us from Jersey on Saturday.

First we met at Franklin Square Park. It was cute, and it had a carousel! 

Gwen made friends with K and Gillian.

Going for a ride with her new friend Gillian.

We split up for a bit while we headed home to try to get Gwen to nap... no dice! Just too much excitement. After that we headed to their hotel for some swimming and talking.

Then an impromptu pizza party in one of the rooms.

Pizza box doubles as a toddler table for Gwen, Rosebud and Daisy.

We didn't end up getting home until almost 9! Oops.

Sunday Gwen and I met up with everyone at the zoo nice and early (Trav stayed behind since he wanted to get some stuff done, and he had tennis in the afternoon... he didn't want us to have to rush to leave). It was super humid, and pretty hot in the sun; but we still had a great time. All the kiddos kept playing musical strollers. I loved watching all of our kiddos interact with each other and with the other adults. There's nothing like having 8 moms to watch over you!

First pony ride!

Holding hands with her new friend, Gillian.

I'll have to wait for the other ladies to put their pictures up before I can share more. The cutest picture was one that I didn't get on my camera... one of all the kids together!

We left the zoo around 2:30, and Gwen was asleep by halfway home. She proceeded to take a 2 hour car nap, and went down VERY easy for bed that night. I think we could both use a weekend to recover from our weekend! But it was so wonderful, and I can't wait until next year to do it again.

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  1. Nice... great fun to read and be a part of from such a distance... thanks for sharing...


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