take me out to the ball game...

This weekend was quite the busy one. Good, but busy busy busy and tiring! Saturday was Gwen's first swim class, then dinner with Ro and the girls (Pat is away). Casey is getting so big now, and running all over the place. She never stops which means all my pictures look like this:


Sunday we headed up to the Lehigh Valley for a baseball game with my parents for Father's Day. We saw the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, Gwen's first baseball game!

We got lawn seats so Gwen could move around a bit, and we could all sprawl instead of being confined to a seat. Definitely the way to go.

Gwen helped Nonnie and Papa with putting on some sunscreen.

And enjoyed our lawn seats.

We took a break to hit up the little playground then have in the ball park!

Then watched some more.

We stood at the fence for a bit to get a closer view.

And even got a picture with one of the Iron Pig mascots (that's Ferous).

She was so excited to go see him, but decided he was a little scary close up!

It was a gorgeous day for some baseball.

Gwen really did amazing with a LONG game (one extra inning). She was very tired by the end and had a bit of a melt down as we were leaving, but otherwise had a great time. Boy did it tire us all out though... I was in bed before 10, and Gwen went down very quickly and slept straight until 6:15.

I think I need a quiet work day to recover from my weekend!

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