feels good to break a sweat

The majority of my days are spent in front of a computer at work, so getting out for a walk during the day feels good, and being active on the weekends feels even better. These Sierra Club service projects that I've been doing at Ridley Creek for the past few months have been the best. They are awakening muscles long under-used, making me push myself a bit, and really break a sweat. It feels amazing.

I didn't think I was going to get to attend this month, my Goddaughter, Casey's 1st birthday was yesterday and her party was supposed to be today. Well poor girl came down with Hand Foot and Mouth (the horror show that Gwen dealt with in January), so the party was cancelled.  :-(   The one bright side was getting to attend my service project and clear some trails. The trail we were working on today was particularly overgrown in spots (by a fast growing, thorned vine and low hanging tree branches), so we went to work with grass whips, hand saws, and clippers. It felt good.

The rest of the weekend is looking wonderfully clear and I can't wait to make the most of it!

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