I have a massage appointment this afternoon, and I'm bouncing-in-my-chair excited for it. It was a (thank you groupon) surprise from Trav. I was bummed when I couldn't schedule it for sooner then this friday... but actually today turned out to be a perfect day for it. Two meetings yesterday, combine with train problems that had me taking the El and the Trolley instead, getting me home an hour later then normal, made for a stressful day. Add to that Gwen taking a too big bite of cereal bar this morning, and almost throwing up from choking on it. It was one of those things that was frustrating (seriously, take bites, stop shoving huge pieces in your mouth!) during, and slightly scary after the fact. The silent choky-gaggy face that she made a few times was only not terrifying because I could see that she was breathing. Anyway, massage! Huzzah!

I'm starting my relaxing early with a lunch that proves, sometimes simple is better. Tomato soup (Trader Joe's organic creamy, low sodium tomato... I could eat this stuff by the gallon!) with some herb rolled creamy goat cheese crumbled on top, and a side of dried figs.

So good.

And for tonight... this waiting at home for Travis and I to share.

I really am so lucky and blessed that the hard days, like yesterday, stick out so fiercely, because there are other days (like today) which are just so good. I hope the same is true for all of you! Happy weekend!

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