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I can remember if I mention this, so I'm just going to assume I didn't, but we now have a "4 year plan" for our house. Meaning, if we can do it sooner, we'll move, but definitely by 4 years from now, our house will be on the market and we'll be searching for a new (hopefully "forever") home. Woo! And we're taking a big step for that now, working on moving our mortgage to a new lender, which will mean a lower rate, more of our payment every month going to principle. It will mean about the same payment every month, but putting us in a better place when we do go to sell since our payoff amount will be much lower. I'm pretty freakin psyched.

I should also have my student loans paid off by the end of this year or beginning of next year, which is pretty awesome too.

Its so easy to get caught up in day-to-day squabbles, so it feels really good to set goals together and take these concrete steps towards them. I'm hoping that we'll actually be able to make a move before 4 years, but knowing that we have this plan in place is a big weight off.

Other things that are happening... c25k day 2 is done, and it felt good. I love how I feel after I complete a workout. Its easy to forget that when life is getting in the way, but I'm so glad to be putting this time into my health again. I'm glad for my 4-legged running buddy too. Daisy already gets 2 walks a day with Trav, but I've been swinging by the house for the second half of my "run" to pick her up (I leave right when they get back from a walk, so I let her have the first half to drink water and cool off). When I start running, she's ecstatic! (Really Mama, we get to go fast?! - Fast, of course, being relative.) Man does it give me a lift, and a great burst of energy to finish off strong. How could you not get a smile on your face, when your pup is practically doing a combination bounce-skip next to you? I can feel her beaming. Lol. I think having her around will be a big boost to my "training."

I'm also working on something for the blog that I'm pretty excited about. Namely that little blurb that's been sitting in my sidebar for a month or so now. "Upcoming Giveaways: - A New Decade! Birthday Giveaway, mid-August (already have three great sponsors!!)"  I'm really excited about this. I'll be doing some posts in July leading up to this, but its a few things I love and I can't wait to give them away (if you like shoes [Ahnu], babywearing [Red Charlotte], or if you do laundry [Wooly Rounds], I think you'll like it too! And one more sponsor I'm confirming now.). Seriously, its going to be awesome, and I hope you enjoy it!

On that note... things are happening at work too! So I better get on them!

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