busy days, baby nights

The days have been flying by this week. I don't know why work has been so much busier this week, but I've had so much to do... not a bad thing at all since I've been very productive, which makes me feel good, and makes the days fly.

Yesterday was a busy evening as well. Dinner and Gwen's bedtime like usual, but then I took off as soon as I was sure she was down. Our friend Kerry just had a beautiful baby girl, whom they got off to a bit of a rough start with since she was tongue-tied and breastfeeding has been a bit difficult, so I was heading over to offer an extra pair of hands and help however I could.

The baby snuggling was a lovely bonus.

Ro is helping out a few days too, another friend Alex is going as well, and even Trav is going to stop by to give her a hand on Tuesday. I'll go back next Wednesday again.

Holding a newborn is always a nice treat. It's so easy to forget just how tiny they are when you haven't seen one in a bit. I thought the seven week old from Monday's BBQ was small, but Dana was even smaller! Even their little, squawk-like cries. Tiny and sweet.

Otherwise, life continues. Ate a strawberry from our garden this morning, and it was so amazingly sweet and lovely. Had some extra time, so I made a poached egg for the first time as well. Little pleasures are the best.

That's all I have for now, but check out my guest post over on The Path Less Taken. I was thrilled to have a chance to offer something up for her. Let me know what you think. 


  1. I feel like I already forget what it's like to hold a newborn! Jenn kills me when I say it but...I want another one! (hopefully not twins again!)

  2. Hе&X6C;&X6c;o! Ι с&X6F;u&X6c;d have sworn I'νe vis&X69;ted &X74;hiѕ blоg bef&X6f;гe b&X75;t afte&X72; lоokі&X6e;g at a
    few of the ar&X74;i&X63;&X6c;es I rеa&X6c;&X69;zeԁ it's new to me.
    Regагdle&X73;s, I'm de&X66;initеly happy І came
    across it a&X6e;ԁ &X49;'ll bee boo&X6b;-ma&X72;kіng i&X74; a&X6e;d checking bacκ rеg&X75;l&X61;rlу!

    F&X65;el free to visit mу sitе
    ... Rickey


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