growing my hairs

So, Trav asked me a while ago if I intended to keep my hair short forever, or if I was going to grow it out again. Of course I was going to grow it out again, I can't keep the same hair length for more then a few years before I get the itch to chop it or grow it as the case my be. He told me he loves my hair no matter what, and he thinks I look cute this way, but he missed my long hair. At the time I told him I would start growing it out this past November (about a year after I first got it chopped), but once November came I realized I was still enjoying my short hair too much to chop it! Growing it out can be a pain, so I wasn't going to do before I really really wanted to or I would have gotten impatient and chopped it again. So a few months ago, I was realized I was ready when I found myself really missing being able to pull my hair back into a ponytail!

So I got it cut one last time in Feb: 

Then I started letting it grow. I'm still going back in every 2 months or so to get it shaped a bit, so its not shaggy looking, but otherwise we're just letting it go.

Its still very short, but its getting long enough that its not exactly a pixie anymore and I'm having to figure out ways to style it so it doesn't just look... poofy.

We'll see how this goes in the next few months, and how many awkward stages I hit!

Ladies with short hair... Any styling tips?

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