what normally happens

So what normally happens is this... by 10am I realize that i have approximately 20 different windows open on my computer. Work email, personal email, documents I'm working on, browser windows with things typed in the search engine to remind me I wanted to look up that one thing, etc. I don't want to forget, so I just open them all in the morning, then I work my way through. On less busy days I get through them quicker, get to blogger faster, get a good post up (or better yet, make the final edits on a post I mostly finished the night before). On busier days (weeks...) I end up with multiple windows still open at 3, lots of work things left to do, and you end up with a paragraph like the one above!

Happy Monday all, hope your day flies! (And just to make this not so empty... two pictures:)

Driving through the grocery store.

Loving her first corn on the cob.

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