27 months

Dear Gwenivere,
I stood by your crib and rubbed your back the other day, while you fell asleep. Most of the time I just put you down and say good night and leave the room, but that night you asked me to "wub my back, mommy?" and how could I say no to that? I rubbed your back and looked at how long you were in your crib, picturing so vividly how tiny you used to seem in there. You aren't tiny anymore. You're still a lean girl, but you are a GIRL, so big and doing so much.

You are a little parrot now too. You already say so much, but you are learning new turns of phrase by repeating things that we say. For good or bad. (I'm pretty sure I heard you say Damn the other day!) And you are getting pretty smart too. You love making connection... like the night I told you that I couldn't rub your back anymore because my arm was tired, and you nicely suggested I use the other arm! Or the one time you didn't want me to put my glasses back on after we nursed before bed, and I told you I needed them to see you better; now most nights you give me a big grin and say, "to see me better" as I put them on. Yes baby, to see you better.

You are colorful and fun and expressive. You pick your own clothes, chatter on about every little thing, and have very definite opinions. I only see your amazing personality growing from here on out, too.

Last month we went out to lunch at a diner on the way home from an errand. You had the best time sitting in the booth with us, and loved looking around at all the people. Best part though... just before our food came, you looked over at the door just as a grandmother came in with her two grandsons. One was probably about 3, the other maybe 1.5, and you were so excited that you yelled out, "Hi Babies!!!" loud enough for the whole dining area to hear. Everyone got a good chuckle out of that.

Baby, you are friendly and loving. Your kisses and hugs melt me every time. On weekend mornings I eat up every last second of morning snuggle time, and sometimes you even ask me to turn over so you can rub my back! (And who am I to say no?! LOL.) You make friends where ever you go (in fact, after just one "playdate" neighbor Joe's granddaughter Ava called you her best friend), and though you can be a little shy sometimes, once you warm up to someone, you have nothing but smiles for them. I'm so lucky to have you around to make all my days brighter.

Love you times a million Gwenie,

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