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Avatar... such a beautiful movie. Visually stunning, and with a great message. But that message, so boy. I watched part of Avatar last night and got so irrationally angry at the human race because of it. (I actually yelled, "Humans are such ass****!!" at the TV.) I know. This is silly. But the parallels James Cameron was illustrating between Pandora and Earth were unmistakable.

We (as in the human race) have and continue to push people out of their homes, their land, all to gather what we have decided to claim as our own. There are so many of us with no respect for nature, and no respect for the amazing way that we are all intertwined, with each other and with the natural world. So many would do anything for a buck. We have done all that, we continue to do that. When will we learn?

It just makes me so angry.  For every small step I take, there is someone taking a big step the other way. I just don't understand how people continue to fail to see the big, long term picture. And that picture is the human race driving this plant "into the ground" if we don't change what we are doing. Change the way we consume. Change what we value. Change how we eat, and how we live.

Its so silly to get so wound up by a movie. But its just so frustrating sometimes.  

Ps. Check out the Avatar website to see all the great initiatives they are undertaking!

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  1. I love this movie and I totally understand and agree. I get so emotional every time I watch it. A beautiful film.


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