time flies when you're having fun

Saturday I was out the door by 8:30, for my Sierra Club service project at Ridley Creek. It was a bit overcast, cool and damp, but thankfully not raining and still a good time. I don't think I showed you the picture from last month...

it was sunny and beautiful that time! And if you want to see my handy work, I marked my trenches on this one. LOL. 

I'm sure we must have done something that afternoon, but I can't remember for the life of me what it was. All I can remember was the 1.5 hour battle that didn't even lead to a nap at the end. Ugh. Not fun. Bedtime was a cinch though, that's for sure. 

Today was a lot more fun for everyone. Lazy morning and we spend about an hour playing with water beads. It was our first time breaking them out and they were a huge hit.

Definitely great sensor play. I probably could have spent an hour just running my hands through them!

We ended up pulling out this huge box to help contain any beads that spilled (since we didn't want the dog to get them).

Gwen loved it.

After that it was time to give Daisy a bath...

which the poor girl hated.

But she had managed to roll in something so it was absolutely necessary!

We followed that up with some grilling for lunch, a good nap, then a full afternoon of playtime at the neighbors with their granddaughter who was visiting (who's a month older then Gwen). A much needed bath, and after all that, bedtime was a quick affair tonight too.

Now its time for me to run off and get ready for my work trip to DC tomorrow. Hopefully a fast week ahead.

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