birthday parties and kauzbots

Saturday afternoon, we hit up a birthday party for some friends of Gwen's who used to be in her class. They had someone making balloon dogs and swords. They were definitely a hit!

(With the big kids as well as the small ones...)

The cake was also a hit...

(Gah, big girl sitting by herself at the table!)

And the huge model train display set up in the building of the place they were holding the party. Most of it was for looking, not touching, but they had one table of trains set up for the kids to try their hand at driving.

That night we used a gift cert. we had for a local diner, and enjoyed a really nice dinner out. I love relaxed places with great food and people who stop by our table to chat up our girl.

Sunday was much more low-key, though we still kept busy. Trav let me sleep in, then Gwen and I did chores around the house while he spend some time at Willy's.

Gwen enjoyed playing with her birthday present from her Aunt Babs... a Kauzbot (named Kale).

A pocket in the back holds a little heart.
That evening we hit up a pee-wee basketball tournament at our local community center, where Gwen got to pick the winning raffle ticket during halftime, then ran a few errands before heading home for dinner.

We had a bit of a rough afternoon on Sunday (read my thoughts on it at Connected Mom)... just normal 3-year old stuff, but I was glad that the night ended on a better note, and a bit glad to get back to work today, honestly. This parenting stuff can be frustrating sometimes.  ;-)

Hope your weekend had all the fun mine had, with less of the whining!!

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