damp days and bouncy afternoons

Last week ended on a very damp note. We didn't get the snow that New England did, but we got this horrible damp rain that invaded my joints and wouldn't leave. It did turn into snow, but we only got an inch or two. The rain is back today, and while I'm thrilled the rest of the week is going to be "warm" (high 40s, low 50s), this horrible damp just needs to go. I woke with a scratchy throat, which I'm hoping will not turn into a full fledged cold if I can just last the day and get to the sun tomorrow.

On a nicer note, this weekend was great. GG turned 4, so we headed to Bounce U to celebrate. That place is fun. Giant inflatables everywhere. Bounce houses, slides, obstacles. Gwen still needs some help getting up the steeper climbs, so I was happy to oblige.

The birthday girl was excited too.

Seeing old friends who used to attend her daycare.

My mom and brother came down that afternoon so Trav and I could go out that night for a graduation party, then a movie. We saw Warm Bodies and really enjoyed it. Its funny, and just a different kind of zombie movie. The night out was really nice though.

Gwen must have been exhausted from the running around and playing with Nonnie because Sunday she slept in (in her crib, with no waking to come to the "big bed") until 7:30! Quite impressive. We all went out to breakfast together before my mom and brother had to head home. Then we hung out until after lunch when we took a ride to Pappy's house so Trav could do some more cleaning, while I sat in the car and read, and Gwen took a 2 hour nap!

We headed home not long after Gwen woke up, but long enough for her to find a new "pet" at Pappy's (a stuffed elephant), to enjoy taco night. Trav and I did the normal meat/cheese/bean/salsa combos, while Gwen decided none of that would do, and loaded her crunchy taco shell with green beans! Whatever works! 

Now its back to another busy week. Hope your weekend was warm, dry, and fun. 

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  1. Hey - did you ever find out about the posts not loading right in RSS feeds or was I the only one having that problem? Since the design update I only get a text preview of the first few lines rather than seeing the whole post like I used to. Just curious.


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