Happy 3 Years!!

Dear Gwenie,

Today you turn 3 whole years old! We are celebrating with your first ever "kids party" at a local play gym. The past years your birthdays have been celebrated at home with friends and family. I'm positive you would have loved that still, but you were extra excited for your classmates, and other kid friends to come to your party. Especially since Nonnie and Papa are still coming over for cake tomorrow.

I wonder how you'll do at your party. Sometimes you are miss adventurous, running around and doing everything yourself. Climbing, sliding, jumping. Other times you still want me to hold you, carry you, be your security. Either way, we'll have a great time. We have so much fun together now.

You continue to blow me away with your intelligence and hard work. You count to ten in Spanish, 17 in English, have a handful of other words in Spanish, and have a dozen signs. You recognize the first letters of everyone's name in your class, and are identifying numbers. You love reading books with us and will sometimes "read" them back. At school the teachers love how you will participate enthusiastically in almost every activity. At home, we've been working hard at getting rid of the word "can't" and trying everything, be it a new game or a new food.

This past December we had some sleep troubles. It was a combination of sickness, with some schedule disturbances, but you had me getting up once or twice a night, which I haven't had to do in a long time. Mostly I would come to your room to find you still laying down, but having trouble breathing because of all the boogies, or just feeling a general discomfort in your sleep. Those times required only some back pats, maybe a tissue, pull up the blanket and a few "Shh, shh, shhs." One time I came in and whispered, "Shh, shh, Gwenie; you're okay." And you answered, "Okay." and went back to sleep! Sometimes though I would come in, and you would be sitting on your knees in the middle of your crib, shoulders hunched, calling out for me. You look so small in those moments, my baby still, and my heart would break until I would scoop you up, and have you snuggle in my neck.

Oh sweet, gorgeous girl, I think it is always going to be this way. You will amaze me with how big you are one moment, then be my sweet baby in the next moment.

And you really are getting so big! 26lbs, growing out of your 2T clothes, and work on potty training! Oh potty training. There are days when you love going on the toilet, ask to do it all by yourself, and keep your diaper dry for most of the day. Then there are days when you want nothing to do with it and will refuse to even sit on the potty. Did I mention you have a bit of a stubborn streak, like your Mama and your Daddy? I know you'll get it in your own time though, just like everything else.

Speaking of your own time, you still haven't decided to wean yet. You only nurse before bed, and first thing in the morning, and can go without if I'm not home, but you do still love those two sessions and don't show any signs of stopping them. I've been working on shortening them a bit for my own comfort, but otherwise have no plans to force weaning on you. You are getting to be big enough, fast enough on your own!

When sunglasses alone aren't enough.
You talk like such a little adult now, in that sweet little girl voice of yours. You still drop words sometimes, but communication is no problem now. Some of my favorite things that you have said: "Daddy, you don't talk with your mouth full."  "Daddy needs to go to the Home De.pot." "Mommy, why do you go to yoda [yoga]?"  One of your favorite things is our routine of talking about our days at the dinner table. We ask how each other's days went, and you have more to say most days then Daddy and I combine! You tell us every activity you did, whether you napped or not, what you ate, who you played with, and are always happy to answer my question of what your favorite part of the day was.

Other fun quirks at 3? Well, right now you have no less then 5 golf balls in your crib, which you sometimes pull into a group next to you, or sometimes just hold one and push the others to the edge. You love the color blue, and anything with the letter G on it. Your blanket is your favorite, and you tuck it under your head to sleep, or wrap it around you like a shawl.

That fearsome 3-year old attitude is already starting to kick in, and you get so upset when you don't get your way. You've thrown some screaming, crying tantrums that were impressive to behold. But I'm so grateful that you are still just as sweet as always, if not more so. Giving us genuine thank yous when we help you with something or give you something, and giving just as genuine sorrys if you accidentally hurt someone or knock something over or do something you weren't supposed to. You are liberal with the hugs and kisses, and love it so much when we laugh at one or your jokes, or just all laugh together.

I'm so impressed with the little person you're becoming and can't wait to watch you continue to grow!

Love you, love you, love you...

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  1. What a sweet, smart, fun person she is! Honestly, Gwen reminds me of you. It is that indomitable spirit. LY


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