Gwen's 3rd Birthday

Last of the birthday party posts, promise, but I wanted to cover our weekend with her actual party.

Gwen woke up bright and early and rearing to go on Saturday, very excited for her special day. The morning was low-key, but just before noon, we headed out to pick up the cake, then on to the play gym for her party.

They had 90 minutes to run around the amazing 3-level play structure, complete with ball pits, slides, cargo nets, and a zip line.

Then it was on to pizza and cake.

Friends and school friends.

Our party favors... amazing cookies, by my friend Vicki.

Construction cake.

Blowing out the candles.
Gwen had a great day, and I enjoyed meeting all of her school friends... who I never get to meet since Trav does pick ups and drop offs. Gwen was asleep by 7 that night!

Sunday my parents came down to have cake and a birthday visit.

Rocking out her new tu-tu from cousin Wyatt.
She wore something special for the occasion...

Birthday shirt.

And that should officially end the 3 birthday recap posts!

Monday we had off, which was great since I managed to pick up a killer cold over the weekend. Considering this is my first one of the season, I can't complain, but boy has this sucker knocked me on my ass. Trav left later then normal so that I could get some extra sleep, which was nice. Gwen and I kept busy by running a few errands, then meeting Trav for lunch. She took a long nap on the ride home, and then there was just enough time for some books and puzzles before making dinner. We also worked on thank you cards for all the sweet birthday gifts.

Yesterday it was back to work/daycare like normal. Well, as normal as can be when I feel like my head is stuffed with cotton wool. Went to bed early last night, and I'm feeling a smidge better for it today.

How were your three-day weekends?

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