Taking a lunch break from my overwhelming work day, to come here and say a quick thank you. Thank you for your comments on my post regarding the Flovent (more still welcome). Its nice to hear that there are other babies out there that need the respiratory assistance, and that they aren't having any negative side effects.

Gwen is still coughing, so still doing the Albuterol, but getting better each day. She ran around like a fiend yesterday with GG and Casey, which led to some great sleep last night. She still woke once, but I went in, said "shh, shh, shh baby. you're okay." and to my surprise she said, "okay.", rolled over and went back to sleep! That was it until she went came to bed when us this morning, where she went back to sleep until about 7. She was such a doll when she woke up. Used the potty, got dressed, brushed teeth... easy as pie. A few frowns when it was time to get in the car and go, but I got her excited to tell her best friend about the cardboard house Trav put together for her this weekend, and it was back to smiles. Gah, that girl.  <3 p="">
Okay, back to my busy day. Thanks again.

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