then it was good

Last night we had a really good night. I was happy after Tally's return to work yesterday, and the fact that today I am working from home and hitting up yoga. Gwen was excited to tell me about how she had [*warning: total mom moment ahead*] peed in the potty 4 times and pooped in the potty at school! Win.

We had a great dinner, with no tears or whining. We went outside to check out the full moon for a few minutes, then headed up to get ready with minimal frustration. We laughed and hugged, and it was like the instagram or facebook version of an evening.

Of course, as you can imagine, all that fun and playing and being silly together made it almost impossible to settle down for the actual going to bed part... so that was a flurry of giggles, sighs, "lay down please," but ultimately, okay and non-tramatic. Very different then Sunday bedtime.

This morning was the lovely easy of a work-from-home morning. I wait to shower until after then leave, having no commute, so Gwen and I can get up more slowly, I can do all the getting ready while Trav makes the breakfast and gathers the school things. One little fuss that was quickly eased, but otherwise a pretty flawless morning.

This was so needed after the craziness that was this past Sunday afternoon. I need these fun, easy days to remind me of who this beautiful creature is that we're raising, and what we are working towards together.

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  1. It is amazing how "in the moment" and "grand scheme perspective" you have to be as a parent. It truly is the hardest job ever!


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