another one down

This week flew by. Probably because it was busy, which always keeps things moving.
It involved big time cold.

(Being cute while cold selfie... except I need to 
not bite my cheek and glare at the camera. Oops.)

It involved dinner with Uncle Apoc. Which we all greatly enjoyed.

It involved another work from home day turned, work from home with kid in tow day... this time thanks to a random day of fever with no other symptoms and back to normal in 24 hours.

Thankfully, thanks to Daddy meeting us and doing a kid swap, it also involved me FINALLY getting back to my yoga studio #1. Man did that feel good. 

And today? Today was my office Christmas party. Gwen got to feed baby Eddan some grapes, so she was happy.

Now I have to try to get more work done with an overly full stomach, and a glass of moonshine in my veins. I'd rather a nap.  ;-)  But off I go.

Happy Weekend!

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