early Christmas celebrations

For the second weekend in a row, I had to change plans because of snow. This time it was my parents getting almost 9" of it, plus ice, which kept Gwen and I from heading up there for my hair appointment. Oh well... its been rescheduled. Instead we had a very lazy Saturday.

Speaking of hair, Gwen has been letting me braid hers most nights now. We were having so much trouble brushing her hair in the mornings (its so baby fine, it tangles heinously) and it was turning into a fight. So I've been practicing my french braiding skills (oh man am I bad at it right now), and we've been having much easier mornings.

Love how it shows the natural variations in her hair color.
Unexpected bonus... beachy waves.  ;-)

Sunday we had a bit more activity planned. We headed to Ro and Pat's to bake cookies and exchange Christmas gifts. It was fun. The girls got some outdoor playtime...

Gwen had some unexpected fun with markers (oh boy)...

And Mama got to bring home some freshly baked cookies!

Sugar cookies, gingerbread men and women, peanut butter blossoms, and chocolate covered cherry cookies. Yumm.

Trav and I ended the night by watching World War Z. Pretty good!

Now its another full, busy week ahead... thought thankfully the last full week before Christmas. And then the year is done! It continues to blow my mind how fast this year went. I'm excited for all that is next.

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