getting into the Christmas spirit. {picture heavy}

Mother Nature dumped multiple inches of snow on us yesterday, something that thrilled Gwen to no end, but made Trav and I sigh. I love a bit of snow during the Christmas season, but we were heading out yesterday to a "lunch with Santa" and man, some people REALLY can't drive when there is any snow on the roads. And 3-4" with no plows or salt trucks is more then just a little. Plus, as the snow just kept coming, my evening movie plans got postponed, which made me sad.

It did however give me the opportunity to first take Gwen out to play in the snow (while Trav shoveled our cars, good man).

{Sorry for the crappy cell phone shots:}

She clearly had no fun.

She would occasionally throw herself face first in the snow to eat mouthfuls of it.

It was pretty lovely out. Snow piled high everywhere and everyone's lights twinkling.

We might not have a decorated tree yet, but we do have a pretty front porch!

Afterwards we came inside where Trav and Gwen ate more snow together.

Then Gwen and I snuggled to warm her back up after eating all that snow.

I also made us some homemade hot cocoa, just like my Mama used to make me!

Gwen also got to see Santa twice this weekend. Once at Home Depot where she went with Trav to do their kids project on Saturday.

Then at a special lunch with Santa (at a local restarant) we'd had planned for weeks for Sunday.

She was very excited to tell him everything she wants.

They also had face painting.

Which, for the first time, she sat by herself for!

So I'd say this was pretty much a red letter weekend for Gwen!!

We are well in the Christmas spirit now. 2.5 weeks to go!

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