Christmas recap

No time to write a full post right now, but wanted to share some Christmas pictures...

Yoga in front of the tree... this is Gwen's new favorite way to "do" yoga!

Treats from some friend's in France!

Sleepy puppy.

Our Christmas card wall! There are even more that still need to go up!

Christmas Eve we'd with Nana and PopPop in Arizona. Their gift to Gwen was a doll house, and we got them on the computer before I brought it up to her.

It was a HUGE hit. She has been playing with it tons.

Christmas morning, Gwen was so excited to see the full stockings and open her presents under the tree. She was spoiled by friend's and family alike.

Hero dress up clothes were courtesy of Uncle Andy and Aunt Megan... who were nice enough to get Daddy a mask too!

Her new "soft kittie."
Gwen's present to Trav was a new place to put his keys (which is is always setting down in different places and forgetting!). Legos are good for everything!

Hagrid on top... "keeper of keys."

After opening gifts at our place, and eating our traditional breakfast of cinnamon buns, we headed out to my parent's.

The neighbors surprised us with a "Santa Stop Here" sign.  :-)

Santa had filled stockings for us there. Gwen was very excited for the new Elmo doll.

Christmas selfies.

Overall it was a really great Christmas. Gwen was a little crazy (too much build up, too much sugar, too much excitement!), but we had fun.

She was back to her normal sweet self yesterday, which was a HUGE relief. We played with all of her new toys and had a great time together.

As for me, I'm back at work today, and very busy! Things should calm back down after the holiday's. More then!!

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