turkey, laziness, and a furry start to the Christmas season

I can't believe it, but I managed not to take one single picture the whole of Thanksgiving. It blows my mind a little. Picture this though: my parents were down, it was a quiet day with the five of us hanging out. Gwen grabbed my mom and didn't let her go the whole time she was here (other then when mean Mommy had to steal her away for help in the kitchen), having her play with puzzles, read books, or play pretend. She was so happy to have her Papa here too. When Nonnie was in the kitchen, Gwenie was with her Papa.

The food turned out so yummy. The turkey was good, the mashed potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, crescent rolls, and cranberry sauces were all delish too. The gravy though, I was extra proud of that. I put the gibblets and some apple cider in the bottom of the pan to "get it going" when I was cooking the turkey, and the gravy turned out so rich and dark because of that. It was great.

My parents spent the night and hung out for a few hours on Friday, but otherwise it was a quiet lazy day. Saturday too. Other then the grocery store, we didn't leave the house, just laid around reading books, doing puzzles, and watching movies. We kicked off our holiday viewing with the Miracle on 34th St, then watched Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving, and the How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Sunday we actually got moving a bit by heading to Sesame Place. Trav got some tickets through groupon, and we'd just been looking for a free day to take advantage of them. Sunday seemed like a good day for it, as by then we were all antsy to get out of the house for a bit. It was a lot of fun!
Happy girl after riding the rollercoaster!!

Sesame Place is perfect for my girl. She loves rides (the faster the better!) and SS characters. The very first ride inside the park was a rollercoaster... so my girl was won over from the start. 

Silly face selfies (and showing off... mommy can't touch her tongue to her nose).

Can you see that smile? Because she was seriously beaming!

After dark things got really pretty. After Thanksgiving Sesame Place started their Furry Christmas stuff, so everything was decorated for Christmas. The lights were gorgeous!

Gwen was passed out in about 5 minutes on our way home (so, about 6:30). Woke only briefly to get into her PJs, then slept until 6:45 this morning! Girl was tired.

What a great weekend! And a great end to November, start to December!

How was yours? 

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