weekend of Babs

This weekend was so what I needed. It had friends and family and a little bit of fun that made me feel more like myself.

Saturday I headed up to my parents place for a hair appointment. It was great to see them for a second time in one week, and Gwen was over the moon about it. I also loved this part:

A little bit of purple... something to make me feel fun, but hidden underneath so work won't notice! Ha!

Auntie Babs came over to my parent's place after my appointment, then came home with Gwen and I. Gwen was They were more then a little excited to see her each other!

I love that two of the people I love most in this world, love each other. It makes me so happy.

We stayed up until late talking and catching up, which was so nice.

Sunday we slept in a bit. When we got up it was time for a bit of yoga together, to get Babs' blood flowing before she had to get on a plane. Gwen even demonstrated to Auntie Babs how to get into an assisted handstand (I will have to get a picture of that awesomeness!). Then Gwen and I drove her over to the airport before coming back home to enjoy one last lazy day before work/daycare.

Not that this week will be too trying... work today, Gwen and I are off tomorrow, we're all off Wednesday, then work Thursday and Friday. Next week, our first full week, is going to be a little rough!! But for today, I'm still riding high on a wonderful weekend!!


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