what 2014 may bring...

I've talked about this a bit before, but on the first day of this new year I want to reiterate my big goal for 2014. Its not a single act, or something that is black and white, but and overarching idea(l). 

I want 2014 to be a year of authenticity. 

I want this year to be all about being true to myself. To figuring out what is beneficial in my life, what is true to the innermost parts of me, and cultivate those things. Conversely, I want to find those things that are bringing me stress and unhappiness, that don't add to my life and what I am striving for, and cut them out. 

Today, on this first day, I have no idea what this will end up looking like. But I have high hopes for what it will feel like. 
A little wild, a little scary, but also fulfilling, right and joyous!

What are you hoping for in 2014?

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