now the year really begins

Back to work and our regular routine today. I'm happy for it, and now it feels like the year really begins.

I'm not even sure that Mother Nature knows whats going on right now, but there are wind chills of -50* in the midwest today, and we are in the 50s. A 100* difference. That's insane. Don't worry, we're back down to a high of 16* tomorrow, which also boggles my mind. Considering all the rain today, I will be ice skating to work tomorrow.

Its funny how often this happens, but after putting in writing all of the positivity of Saturday, yesterday ended up being a bit of a hellish day. Lots of frustration, and didn't do any reading or get to my yoga. Go figure. But today is a new day, and tonight there will be yoga post-Gwen bedtime! One day at a time, like everything else.

For now, back to work.

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