this moment

At this moment...

I'm disappointed in the way my morning ended with Gwen, but secure in the knowledge that when she gets home she will love me, and hug me, and we will be fine.

I'm grateful for good friends who cheer me up with coffee dates, funny videos, and commiseration.

I'm excited for a special yoga class tomorrow night. For the class itself, the people there, for stretching and bending and moving and working my body.

I'm frustrated with the work I should be doing and my current inability to focus on it.

I'm relieved that the week is over and that there is a low-key weekend ahead. It was busy and longer then last week, and tiring. Though there were many fun moments: watching Hunger Games with Trav for the first time, yoga with Apoc (his first time), quiet moments, Gwenie snuggles.

I'm incredibly ready for my Monday off alone, and hopeful for what I'm going to get done during those precious hours. A little extra sleep, some yoga, some decluttering and putting away, some organizing. And some relaxing too.

I'm trying. Trying to let go of the if-thens, trying to be the best me I can be, trying to see what that really means. I'm trying to let the bad roll off and away, and trying to embrace every bit of good that comes to me.

Where are you at this moment?


  1. I'm trying not to cry over the thought of being alone with the kids for a week. Not stress over the big dog with the new rabbit. Accept that I am working out to be stressfree not some supermodel

  2. Trying to focus on work I need to do, try not to become one with the couch.

  3. Trying To Focus On Building Up My Blog & Still Spend Time With My Family, So Much To Do so Little Time....


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