this weekend. this life.

This weekend offers some great little snapshots of our life. It somehow became one of those perfectly balanced weekends that we hope for, but don't always get.

For the past few weeks I've been doing French Braids in Gwen's hair before bed every night. It makes morning brushing so much easier. Friday night's turned out pretty good!:

Especially since prior to starting this a few weeks ago, I'd never done a F.B. before!

Saturday, at Gwen's request, we painted nails:

She was quite happy:

Trav did some laundry and vacuuming while I finally did some sewing I've had set aside to do for as long as a few years. Yeah. That was a torn pair of jeans. More recent additions included adding some stitches to my bathing suit top to keep the liner in place, rehemming a pair of too short pants, and the catalyst for this: repairing a small tear in our favorite flannel sheets.

That evening I headed to my yoga studio for a special class with 3 guest teachers, which was a fundraiser for Team in Training (Leukemia). Each teacher got 30 minutes, and it was fun trying each style. Afterward I ended up hanging out with a small handful of people from the studio enjoying some food, libations, and just fun conversation! It was a great end to the day.

Sunday we did some more house stuff before heading over to Ro and Pat's since GG had called me the day before to so sweetly ask for a playdate.  :-)  We were happy to oblige. We ate some lunch together and watched football while the girls bounced in the basement (GG's early birthday present was a small moon bounce! We were home in time for dinner and an early bedtime.

Today I'm home by myself. Daycare and Trav's work are open, but mine is closed. So I am enjoying the quiet to do some more around the house. I'm finishing off a shirt that I tea dyed this weekend, and sorting out our overwhelming amount of gift bags, boxes, and wrapping paper to make it all fit in my closet again! An a.m. yoga class got me off to a good start today, so I'm feeling pumped to get stuff done!

So house things, friend time, time of rest, and time of movement. I really good balance! 

Hope your weekend, no matter the length was filled with good things.

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