snow days

Back at work/school today, after Gwen had an impromptu weekend in the middle of the week. She was quite happy about the prospect since, Yay! Playing at home in PJs all day! Her father and I were decidedly, uh, less thrilled. Sure, I loved getting to sleep in more for the 3rd weekday in a row, because seriously 7am feel pretty extravagant when you're normally bustling people out the door at that time, but Trav and I were both still working on those lovely home days, and anyone who's "worked from home" with an almost 4 year old in tow knows it doesn't always go so smoothly.

Tuesday I headed in while Trav stayed home (since I was home Monday already). There was nary a flake in the sky when I left (which led to some grumbling about silly daycare), but when the snow started at 10:30ish, BOY did it start. I left the office at 12:30 and the sidewalks were already treacherous. I was really, really regretting my rushed departure in the morning and subsequent lack of snow boots. Seriously.

The annoyance factor definitely grew as my the train I planned to take arrived and was immediately filled with every single other person in Philadelphia who had also decided to leave at that time. I was able to get one the next train... barely. Literally squeezing in next to the door, second to last person in. At 3, we finally pulled up to my station. My car had been transformed into some crazy physics defying art by the snow and wind. 

I was happy to be home, Trav and Gwen were happy to see me. They bundled up to head outside for a short time while I got a little more work done. Gwen was happy in her 19 layers.

The next day it was my turn to stay home. Gwen was amazingly good about entertaining herself while I worked, and was rewarded with a jaunt outside in the afternoon. 19 layers again and we were able to spent almost as much time outside as we spent putting on and taking off the appropriate clothing. I call that a win!

Dog with head in snow... girl with head in snow...

Not pictured, me wondering what the heck is wrong with these two.

MUCH happier feet...

All in all, a much better day then I ever hoped for.

All in all, a good week, despite the weather related frustrations. A new website design, lots of fun tasks done at home. In general, I'm feeling really good about this January!


  1. I love snow days with my kids!!!

  2. I love the pictures with their head in the snow. Ha. So adorable. We got a lot of snow too. It has been fun.


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