this is why it takes a village

Its amazing how simple commiseration can make you feel so much better. A 10-minute text conversation and the simple phrase, "I'm so over 3," helped me to release the last bit of guilty and weariness I'd been holding on to from Gwen's "offness" the past few weeks.

This week really was good for the most part, and went so much faster then I worried it would seeing as it was the first full week back in what felt like much longer then 2 weeks (or more if you count my impromptu work from home with kid in tow days). Her behavior has improved, as has our reaction to it. Still, its nice to have that not alone feeling.

Looking forward to relaxing with the family this weekend, and tomorrow escaping with just Trav for a little bit (thanks to Auntie Ro agreeing to babysit!). Planned a little surprise few hours for Trav. Nothing big, but something I know he wants to do. Should be fun.

Hope you have a fun, relaxing weekend as well!

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