a 2 hour trip to nowhere

Driving for two hours for no reason on Saturday was definitely not the game plan, but when we got one exit away from my parents and the snow was coming down fast and furious with the roads getting worse and worse, we had to turn out. We would have made it, but my parents were sure that we wouldn't be leaving! So home we headed, with a VERY disappointed almost 4 year old in tow.

I knew it was going to snow, but didn't realize that the 1 - 4" they were calling for out come down in a matter of just a few hours. So, after having to reschedule yet another visit to my parents' place with accompanying hair appointment because of snow, I'm really identifying with this picture (courtesy of facebook), and am pretty sick of snow.

Ahh well, what are you going to do. It was a nice weekend nonetheless. We watched movies, read books, Gwen did lots of great independent play (something I'm really enjoying), and played some "hockey" in the living room.

Though Gwen's version of hockey involves much more tackling then I'm used to seeing.

Though it was rather fun. 

Sunday was even more low-key, what without the hours of driving, but also a perfect representation of living with a preschooler. We went out to grab some new boots for Gwen since the ones she was wearing were getting rather worn out, and about one toe drag away from opening up. We got there, showed her some cute boots very similar to the ones she currently had, and proceed to listen to 5 minutes of whining about how she didn't want new boots, she didn't like those boots, etc. I took some time to talk to her about why we were looking at new shoes for her, then just set her down and left her be while she pouted for a little, then came around on her own to express interest. Cut to 10 minutes later and we're driving home with those same black boots, which she is now begging me to put on her right that second.

Oh child.

Dinner, her bedtime, and one giant puppy snuggle later, and here we are at Monday.

Weekends always go too fast.

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