keeping the good momentum going

Today, finally, there are no boxes and bags of old toys taking up room in our basement. After all the talk we've had with Gwen about giving her old toys to the babies, after how great she's been about willingly giving away those toys, and after spending 3 years now meaning to donate said toys, I finally found a place and actually took the time to do the donating! It took carrying a bag or box every day on the train, into the city, but today all the toys have been "re-homed."

It feels good to keep what I'm seeing as very positive momentum going. In the spirit of my 2014 goals of authenticity, of purging that which is not serving and encouraging that is, it feels good to rid our house of those items which were no long being useful to us, and give them to Philadelphia's CPS, who will make great use out of them! They will hopefully make some kids very happy at a time when happiness might seem out of reach.

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